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What Systems Are You Missing to Expand Your Business and Increase Your Profits?

Running a business is about project development, system organization, and management. If you’re handling customer service complaints, researching educational information such as key word statistics, or doing all of your marketing you are letting your business down big time.

Your time should be more valuable than most of the things your business requires to run effectively. It is for this reason that you should strive to put in as few hours as possible and the hours you do put in should be severely concentrated, undistracted time spent on developing products and managing systems. The rest of what needs to be done doesn’t need you, only uses you when you have not effectively mastered how to build and maintain working systems.

To build a system takes an organized mind. The first step you need to take is drawing out a flow chart. This chart needs to include the start and the end of the task that needs to be accomplished… this is you, this is making the initial decision of what needs to be done and deciding what is needed to complete it. Also, it needs to contain all the actions, decisions based on the out come of the actions, and the direction of the flow from action to decision and person to person. You’re running the business and that means you need to be the brains of the business not the bull work… but in the end, yeah it’s easier.

This is because having a well draw out, detailed flow map means you now know how to reduce the amount of time you spend working on activities that aren’t directly making you money. But you also now have a flow chart to help you more easily train employees on how to do what needs to be done as well as more easily explain to them how you expect it done and what your critiques are. With well informed employees you are ensured that the work will get done correctly with as little of your input as possible.

This may also mean not hiring the cheapest labor you can find in some internet marketing forum but slightly more expensive, much more skilled labor. Remember how much your time is worth, you don’t want to risk your name recognition 5-10 extra dollars an hour when it could increase you hourly wage 50-100 extra dollars an hour.