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Search Engines of the Future – Real Time Results, Interactive Multimedia, and Speed

The days of Google, are those of brilliant and sunny filled landscapes. Complete with the frivolities of such a giant company-sandy beaches, fun times and entertainment. But any search engine, Google included changes on a monthly, if not day-to-day basis. That is the underestimated fact of search engines.

Those ‘Woodstockesque’ party moments could change in the future. So look at what the future might hold for search engines, and see if change is good. For a background, search engines work on the retrieval of a cache or index of Web pages. For example, Google employs bots that crawl every corner of the Web, to find and archive (if allowed by the website), the contents of a Web page.

Those bots work continuously, ’round the clock, to maintain and re-index new or existing Web pages. First, this is a huge, astronomical undertaking. Moreover, Google must employ the use of quite possibly millions of servers to keep everything running like a well-oiled machine.

So when a search visitor searches Google, or “to Google something” for the verb usage, they are in fact searching the index of the Web, and not the actual real time results. Furthermore, the frequency that Google’s bots come to your website or crawl your website depends on how highly ranked it is; essentially, how much Page Rank Google assigns to a website determines its general value.

And real time is what the future holds for search engines. Google recently introduced real time results via Twitter to search visitors. With real time Twitter results, the search engine results page (SERP) will display a dynamically updated box with real time conversations on Twitter, about the chosen search keyword, if applicable.

They also recently released Google Caffeine, which focuses on improving the data to search engine results performance. Caffeine emphasizes speed of searching, speed of indexing and quickness in general. Overall, it is logical to assume that Google will come out with more speed and optimization enhancements like this.

The ability for Google to determine the relevancy of your website is essentially up to the bots. If the bots are able to crawl every corner of your website via the sitemap, then they will get to know your website much more. But what about video? Google’s bots cannot crawl the contents of a video at this moment, but I think that will change.

The company has worked tirelessly to employ bots that can crawl almost any file format, including PDFs. To provide the best user experience, they will need to be able to access content of any kind. Say for example, a website that I know of is completely video based, with very little text. At this moment, what will the bots be able to crawl, besides the title and Meta description? That is what will improve in the future.

With YouTube’s closed captioning system, the technology of being able to crawl the content of video seems to be closer to becoming a true reality. YouTube’s system while rudimentary can recognize the spoken words in a video and associate text accordingly. It does not do the best job, but it is able to decipher content in a video.

In the future, we will see search move to real time versus indexing or caching. We will also see text transform into video, with results based on what is actually inside the video. Although the use of text will not die, it will transform into a more interactive Web approach and search engine integration.

Enjoy the New Thrilling Multimedia Experience On-the-go!

Everything is going mobile, setting new trends for us, more opportunities to look forward to. With passing times, we have minimized the boundaries and expanded new horizons to stay connected with our loved ones. The latest mobile phones with new upgraded software and applications are bringing us more enthusiasm; excitement and freedom as we can move anywhere anytime carrying fun and work all with us.

A part from gaming and various other software the mobile operators are now making continuous efforts to provide consumers with attractive and advance multimedia solutions on their portable devices such as advance graphical suites that offer a wide range of exciting services on the go. Consumers can easily access various web based services through address book-with an interface that includes rich presence functionality such as avatars, photos and personal free text. This year Ericsson has launched and introduced the Multimedia Communication Suite (MCS) – in the mobile sets so that end users can have access to internet on the mobiles now.

The research by Ericsson Consumer Lab based at Europe, Asia and USA clearly indicates that communication services like communities, blogs, instant messaging are in high demands in a mobile context by the ever increasing mobile users and certainly are of great interest to most of the consumers as they can chat, exchange files and have their presence on the mobile phones.

Another great company Nero Mobile combines outstanding multimedia playback performance with easy to use media management features by allowing users to access and enjoy digital photo, video and audio content anytime, anywhere on the mobile gadgets leaving diverse entertainment options for all of us.MCS applications such as chat and file transfer with smooth pleasing voice, video calls, SMS and MMS in on our most special and favourite belongings such as our handy PDA’s is surely a major and most important source of our closely knitted network of friends and family that we cherish all time.

New Multimedia Solutions is also a key to good and enhanced communication. Clear presentation of ideas and thoughts is the need of the hour and is a way towards progress, growth and development. So these latest handhelds that support variety of multimedia applications is surely of great help.

Samsung i8910 HD – An Outstanding Device With the Advanced Multimedia and Connectivity Support!

The Samsung i8910 HD is a high end mobile phone studded with modern functionalities. It comes in a beautiful black casing with an AMOLED capacitive touchscreen of 360 x 640 pixels which is comparatively larger in size giving a better span to the eyes. It is further enhanced with the accelerometer sensor for auto rotation of the screen both horizontally and vertically, the proximity sensor for auto turn off and above all the scratch resistant surface which releases the fear of scratches.

This device incorporates a truly high definition multimedia support, be it the music player or the imaging capacity. The built in music player of the Samsung i8910 HD is equipped with Digital Natural Sound Engine 2.0 which produce Virtual 5.1 channel Dolby surround. As a matter of fact, it gives out an amazing sort of clear and laud music, which when listened through the 3.5 mm audio jack, redefines each and every beat of the music played. This gadget can record HD 720p videos at the speed of 24fps and D1 720×480 pixels videos at the speed of 30 fps. Moreover, the secondary camera facilitates the video calling. Then there is the stereo FM radio too equipped with this gadget, that promises a beautiful and ever lasting listening experience.

Further on the multimedia competencies, the Samsung i8910 HD mobile phone is embellished with a camera of 8 mega pixel which is supported with the ultra modern features like auto focus, LED flash, Geo tagging, face detection, smile and blink detection, image stabilization and wide dynamic range. These fabulous features add excellence to the images snapped, where every clicked image depicts the true natural hues and contracts. Now, even the memory does not come in the way, as it comes with the internal memory ranging of up to 16GB and the external memory can be expanded up 32GB. It is in fact a huge storage to store one’s favorite audio, videos and the picture files. Now moving on to the operating system, this handset works on Symbian OS v9.4 series 60 platform with a CPU support of ARM Cortex A8 600 MHz. The connectivity aspect of this device is backed with the technologies like EDGE, GPRS and HSCSD which provide the users with the high speed of connectivity. It can setup even wire free connections with the help of WiFi. The data can be transferred by way of embedded Blutooth and at the same time the v2.0 microUSB proves very helpful to make the transfer even faster.

The Samsung i8910 HD is a Java MIDP 2.0 enabled handset which means one can play one’s favorite games and can download the useful applications from Internet. Interestingly, it supports the motion based games too. Some of the other useful applications of this device include TV-out, turn to mute, document viewer which can view the pages of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and pdf, voice memo and organizer. Most importantly, the standard Li-Ion 1500 mAh battery of the phone gives the talk time of up 10 hours on 2G and up to 6 hours and 30 minutes on the 3G networks. All in all, this is indeed an outstanding mobile phone.