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Smart Business – How to Manage Bandwidth Requirements For Multi-Media Applications

In an enterprise environment, voice and video over IP (VoIP) significantly reduces long distance telephone charges by transferring all long-distance voice data over the Internet connection. It also provides a means for rich multimedia applications converging video, voice and data in a single session. Since VoIP shares the Internet connection with other forms of traffic, it must compete with other applications for network bandwidth. In order to make VoIP a viable business application for this scenario, the quality of VoIP should be equal to the traditional PSTN/ISDN voice and video services.

A typical corporate network environment carries a broad mix of data traffic with different bandwidth needs. Bursty data applications, such as email and the web, have variable and unpredictable bandwidth requirements while streaming real-time applications such as voice and video demand consistent bandwidth allocation and minimal delays. While a 250 millisecond delay in an email or a Web page will probably not be noticed, a similar delay in a VoIP phone conversation or video conference would make conversation uneasy and cause callers to talk over each other.

Streaming applications like VoIP and videoconferencing require performance guarantees to ensure that they do not suffer from bandwidth contention from less critical applications and Internet traffic (e.g., non-critical Web browsing, large FTP file transfers, and P2P uploading/downloading of digital music files). A policy based quality of service (QoS) solution can ensure that your voice and video applications receive the bandwidth they require.

So what’s the solution?

First….ensure your network is optimized for sufficient bandwidth….with room for expansion when/if necessary. For businesses with frequent multimedia applications such as videoconferencing….a minimum of DS3 Bandwidth is necessary. Perhaps OC3 for large companies with extensive multimedia load pressures on their network.

Second….allocate your network resources based on business priorities. A commercially available monitoring device will help you monitor and manage network and application performance. This allows you to prioritize traffic traveling over your WAN/Internet connection and guarantee bandwidth for timing-critical, real-time applications like VoIP and videoconferencing. Through such a device specific voice, video and multimedia traffic flows can be identified and the following actions can be assigned: minimum and maximum bandwidth; priorities; guaranteed rate (CBR); fairness; and control over the number of sessions allowed through the network.

Take control of your Internet and WAN resources to optimize the performance of your business-critical applications, VoIP and video traffic. Ensure sufficient bandwidth in your network for near term and expansion needs….and implement a monitoring system to manage the daily operations and priorities.

That’s simply smart business.

Multimedia and the HTC HD Mini

These days, multimedia and mobile phones will always go hand in hand. A mobile device will never be complete without multimedia features. With the HTC HD Mini, you get to enjoy more than the standard. With this touch screen mobile phone, you get to enjoy only the best multimedia features.

With Windows Media Player, you can never go wrong. With this media player, you can play more music, you get more choices, you can play videos, and you can do so much more. This media player is all you will ever need for the various media you may have on the Mini.

HTC Albums is a mobile application that allows you to browse through images. It has options such as slideshow, edit, resize, and zoom that can be done with just a few taps of your fingertips. It also has various effects that you will surely enjoy. There is also an option to share your images on various social networks.

With a 5 MP camera, you are sure to capture images in the finest quality. With this camera, you can also record high definition videos as well. It also has other features like auto focus and wide image capturing that further enhances the quality of your images. With the HTC HD Mini and its high speed internet capabilities, you can upload and share videos and images as soon as you capture and record them.

If in any case that you run out of music to listen to on this phone, there is another option to listen to music. The phone comes with its own FM radio. This means that you can listen to your favorite DJ, favorite FM radio program, the sports, or the news.

With the HTC HD Mini, you get to enjoy an assortment of audio formats. These include WMA, WAV, QCP, MP4, MP3, MID, M4A, AMR, and AAC. This simply means that you can enjoy an assortment of audio formats wherever you may be with the Mini.

With the Mini, you get to enjoy an assortment of video formats. These include AVI, M4V, 3G2, 3GP, MP4, ASF, and WMV. This simply means that you can enjoy an assortment of video formats wherever you may be with the Mini.

When multimedia is concerned, this mobile touch screen phone has everything that you will ever need all in one compact phone. With the HTC HD Mini, your need for multimedia options will be satisfied.

Business and Relationships

Management is relationships; sales is relationships; service is relationships; office politics is relationships. Salaries and bonuses; vacations and office assignments; training and education — all relationships.

Shopping is business; handling the checkbook and credit cards are business; life insurance is business; health is business; who’s doing what and when is business. We say, “let’s get down to business.’ That’s relationship.

I have not seen the separation. Is “the separation of Church and State” about relationship or about business? They are peculiar synonyms Here’s some more — It’s clear you have to master both to master either.

What’s marketing? Hey – if you want to ‘win’ the heart of another, try marketing.
Marketing wants to create relationships that persist. Buying flowers for your wife is marketing.

There is no more important business than relationships and business is crucial to successful relationships.

The most common goal for people in business is to spend more quality time with their wives, husbands, children, families.

The secret relationship goal of many is to earn enough money and time so that the stress doesn’t interfere with their relationships.

When people want to handle time management they want to handle relationships. When people want to upgrade their reviews, they want to handle relationships.

Communication skills? That’s business no, no… that’s relationships.

The skills you’ve learned in one apply to the other. People tell us to separate them…No…Merge them. My life works when I think of it as my business and I use ‘me’ in my plans, my organizing, my strategies.